Tongue Web Piercing

Tongue Web Piercing

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Before you get your tongue web piercing lets go over the risks and proper aftercare ensuring your tongue web piercing heals quickly with little risk of infection.

tongue frenulum anatomyThe tongue frenulum (frenulum linguae) is the webbing underneath the tongue that connects the underside of your tongue to the floor of your mouth. The purpose of this webbing is to insure the growth of the tongue progresses forward in the mouth. After birth the tongue continues to grow and extend past this point. The webbing by itself is thin and carries very little blood vessels, so bleeding after a piercing will be little to none.

Can I pierce myself?

I never recommended you do any body piercing yourself, even though some may seem ‘simple’ you should always visit a professional. When it comes to a tongue web piercing caution needs to be taken as there are two important glands near the tongue frenulum that you do not want to damage. These glands serve the purpose of delivering saliva to the mouth. Saliva is used to help keep the mouth moist, serve as a lubricant and is pre-digestive fluid for food. If the glands are hit during the piercing process there will not only be increased pain but you may cause permanent damage to the glands. In some cases the glands will shut down or become blocked causing further complications and a heavy doctors bill to boot. Please use an experienced piercer for this procedure, the risk is not worth saving a few dollars!

Will There Be Pain?

Though every person reacts differently, the majority of people find that the pain scale for a tongue web piercing is minimal. You will feel some pressure from the clamp, which may cause you to feel a little discomfort, but overall you will more than likely have an easy time. Keep in mind if you use a barbell for your initial piercing it will have to be a little long to accommodate swelling. Wearing the correct size jewelry is important for the healing and continued health of your piercing. Most start out with a curved barbell, once you’re healed some studios may let you exchange for another piece of jewelry

Tongue Web Piercing Aftercare:

Aftercare for tongue web piercing follows many of the same aftercare methods of a tongue piercing or any oral piercing for that matter. Make sure to keep your mouth free of food after eating, wash your mouth out after every meal and before you go to bed. That’s four to five times a day! You want to use an antibacterial alcohol free mouth wash. Remember to stay away from smoking, drinking and other ‘oral activities’ during this time, including french kissing.

For more detailed aftercare information provides very detailed aftercare information for all types of body piercings. They have done a fantastic job with their information packets regarding aftercare for both adults and minors. They cover all the basics and provide the reader with additional great tips. They offer the information under the creative commons license so please feel free to download, print or view the information on site. If you’re a studio you can also purchase high quality printed brochures for your customers.

Tongue Web Piercing Rejection:

Most people that receive a tongue web piercing keep it over the short term and do not run into rejection issues. However, there is still a possibility of rejection, the length of time before a rejection really depends on the individuals anatomy and on the placement of the piercing. The position of your piercing plays a roll on how soon you may experience rejection the further forward the sooner you may reject. To lessen your risk of rejection, as with any piercing, keep your jewelery clean.

How fast will my piercing heal?

A tongue web piercing healing time is relativity quick. You could expect to heal in four to six weeks if you keep to proper hygiene and low risk behavior. Keep your mouth clean, avoid oral sex & no more cigarettes. Your piercer should go over the basics with you and if you begin to show any problems let them know right away. If they tell you that you’re developing an infection see you doctor infections are not something you should put off they can become very serious.

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